And Here is Your WINNER---!

MPWA RETALIATION is history and was nothing short of incredible! From the pre-show match in which the man from Crunktown USA, Lou Crank defeated "RAGNAROK" Rick Thorton to the Triple Threat MPWA Championship Main Event where a new champion was crowned, RETALIATION has proved to be the hottest ticket of the weekend.

Troy and James Alexander won against Gynesis: Owen Travers and Chris Moore to open the event followed by "Punch Drunk Saint" Danny Shay seemingly being responsible for Kano-Josh Emanuels absence, evening the odds and being victorious against Son of StrongStyle, James Dean.

RETALIATION host, Head of Officials, Alex Raphael announced to Ingrid Isley that her opponent, Leah Von Dutch had not made it out of Canada and that she would not have a match without the blessing of suspended, John E. Bravo.

Aaronn T.I. pinned The Unknown Masked Superstar following his patented Sick Kick.

The next match on the card was a No Holds Barred Streetfight. WHIPDOG and Jerome "Do it" Pruitt showed no mercy using everything from steel chairs to brass knuckles! Their fight covered every inch of the venue and made its way through the locker room and out of the building.

With  the NO RULES format of a Streetfight match the show continued as Whipdog and Jerome seemed to disappear.  In the next match Officer Rod Street defeated Tavish O'Doyle.

Next up, an MPWA Championship #1 Contenders Match between Jon Bolen and Caleb Stills who promised everyone in attendance that he would make Bolen tap out to the Border City Stretch Crossface submission. Bolen, the larger of the two controlled most of the match but the resilient Stills found a second wind and trapped Bolen in his marquee submission finisher! Just as it seemed Bolen would tap out as Stills promised Whipdog and Jerome came busting back through into the venue, referee still in tow!

The Stills/Bolen match was called a no contest and the Streetfight was continued. After a failed top rope frog splash attempt by Jerome Pruitt, Whipdog delivered 3 chokeslams to his nemesis and was able to get the final 3 count to win his match and have his hand raised while holding his Key to the City Trophy Belt.

Then it was time for the main event of the evening, a triple threat MPWA Championship Match between Champion Buddy Hanlon, former champion "The Righteous Maker" Rick Baker and fan favorite, Joe Coleman. This match defined what title matches are meant to be with fierce back and forth action, high risk maneuvers and desperate attempts that pushed the rule book! But in a bazaar ending, as Buddy had Coleman covered following an illegal spike shot to the temple which recently put TITUS on the IR list, all of the lights in the venue suddenly went dark and very ominous music began to fill the PA system. With just the lights of audience members cell phones illuminating the ringside area we could hear the confused chatter of everyone in the building. Shortly after, the lights popped back on and it was Baker covering Coleman and getting the 3 count and becoming the new and 2x MPWA Champion with a very distraught Buddy Hanlon unable to break it up  in time.

Venue owner, Commander John Welchman confirms there were no power outage issues or tampering with breakers. Bakers manager "Handsome" Johnny Bradford was at ringside and Bradford Dynasty teammate Jerome Pruitt was being looked at by volunteer EMT. So what happened in those last seconds of the Main Event?



MPWA competitor, JOHN E. BRAVO, addresses his one night suspension from RETALIATION and expresses his thoughts on MPWA management.