Brian Shotwell

Co-Owner, Promoter

Stern McDonaldson

Color Commentator

Jonathan Presley

Broadcast Journalist

Real. Professional. WRESTLING.

The Midwest Pro Wrestling Alliance is dedicated to bringing the very best in local pro sports entertainment to the state of Michigan. With our talented roster and commitment to WMYD My TV20 Detroit we are the #1 Pro Wrestling promotion in the entire state.

The MPWA was created in 2007 by Co-Owners, Promoter, Brian Shotwell and Creative Director, Johnny Carruba. Both have over 15 years in the pro wrestling business and have excelled as promoters, producers and in-ring competitors.

Stern McDonaldson, Brian Shotwell and Rick Baker commentate.

MPWA: COLLISION is a weekly half hour television sports reality show airing on WMYD My TV20 Detroit to more than 5.9 million householeds within its South Eastern Michigan broadcast area. Its format is a mix of physical exhibition and competitor interaction meant to entertain the average pro wrestling fan between the ages of 8 to 80!
MPWA Officials Alex Raphael, Michael Murray and Jason Patrick.
The MPWA is a group of PROFESSIONALS, in and out of the ring, collected in an effort to make it safe, fun and exciting again for families and fans of all ages. So that they may enjoy what pop culture recognizes as SPORTS ENTERTAINMENT.

Johnny Carruba

Executive Creative Director

Johnny Bradford

Talent Manager

Kevin Russell


Jason Shain
Ring Announcer

Jessica Carruba
Social Media Manager

Ryan Fury
Ringside Reporter

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Phone: 734 497 4785


Midwest Pro Wrestling Alliance

202 Michigan Ave

Monroe, MI 48162